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The FORTIFIED Home™ program was created by the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) to give builders a set of standards for constructing strong, durable homes that are resilient in extreme weather situations and for reinforcing the structural integrity of existing homes. Currently, there are standards in place for hail, high wind and hurricane risks, all of which commonly occur on the Gulf Coast.

The program consists of three tiers of FORTIFIED Home™ classification: Roof, Silver and Gold. The Roof level naturally concentrates on the roofing system. Silver addresses the roof, windows, doors and affixed structures. The highest level is Gold, which recognizes the home as a single system by connecting the roof, walls and floors to the foundation. These categories grant the builder and homeowner the power to select the level of fortification that fits their budget and protection goals.

The Benefits of a FORTIFIED Home

Owning a FORTIFIED Home™ reduces the potential for structural damage due to natural disasters and helps to protect items in the house that make it a home, such as artwork, furniture and photographs. A FORTIFIED designation also serves to lower ownership costs through gratuities such as reduced premiums on property insurance, for example. As a credentialed FORTIFIED-Wise Professional, Drayton Homes is committed to building structurally-sound homes that meet predetermined standards, giving our clients the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their family and property will be safe from the elements. Learn more about the program here.